5 PowerPoint Tips


Make your next presentation stand out.

How many conferences or events have you been to where there wasn’t a power point presentation? Zero? Yeah, we know.
We’ve seen our fair share of not-so-great presentations and want to make sure that you’re not on the list!

Check out our 5 Key Tips To A Great Presentation!

1. Aspect Ratio


4:3 vs. 16:9? Maximize impact by filling the screen! Most events and conferences use 16:9 ratio screens these days. Be sure to confirm with your event planner or AV company what ratio screen they are providing so that you can design your presentation appropriately.

Pro Tip: In versions of PowerPoint 2013 and earlier, the default is set to a standard 4:3 ratio. Learn how to change this setting here.

2. Font Size

It’s important to choose the right font size on any presentation so that your audience can read the information you are presenting. Remember, the audience is much further away from the screen than when you were creating your presentation. The minimum font size for any text on a slide should be 24pt. If the text is smaller, it may not be legible! Use hierarchy to differentiate your header vs. body content.

Pro Tip: Sharing scanned documents with lots of numbers and detail? Try cropping the images and splitting them up over multiple slides so that the information is clear and easy to read.

3. Simplify Your Message

Confuse, you lose! It is easy to fill up a slide with everything you’d like to say, but this risks that your audience won’t remember the most important part of your talk! Simplify your slides to communicate your big takeaways. This will allow the audience to listen more intently instead of trying to process loads of visual information. If everything is important, nothing is important!

4. Video


Using video content is a great way to enhance any talk. Be sure to embed your video files as .mp4 file format to ensure they are cross compatible with both PC & MAC systems. You’ll also want to store the file locally on the computer that will run the presentation. Web-linked videos are prone to failure!

Pro Tip: Ensure the embedded video Action Setting is set to play on mouse click. This way your video will play automatically with you advance the slide as opposed to navigating to the play button. Learn how to change this setting here.

5. Back it up!

Always make a backup copy of your presentation and its associated video files to a USB drive. If you’re speaking to a large group, the AV provider will likely require your presentation be played on their machines as they are configured to their video system seamlessly.

Pro Tip: Purchase a pack of USB drives to save a copy of your presentation or any associated files for the presentation. That way, in the unfortunate event that you forget to pick up the USB at the end, it’s not a problem!

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